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CAKE Q2 Product Update: What’s New, What’s Next

CAKE Idea Portal

The CAKE Idea Portal is a customer community that brings customers together to collaborate on what’s coming next for the CAKE performance marketing software. Customers can search user feedback and submit their ideas, then vote on which product features will be built for an even better customer experience.

Since Q1 almost a hundred new users have joined the CAKE Idea Portal. This means more people sharing and validating ideas. Here’s a recap of the latest:



What’s new: 5 product ideas pushed in Q1

  • CAKE mobile app: We officially launched a new iOS mobile app, the CAKE Dashboard, which is available for download to all CAKE customers. Log-in and you can easily access affiliate and offer statistics, as well as modify campaigns and offers.
  • Default cookie domain on advertisers: Allows customers to assign a unique cookie domain to an advertiser. This streamlines workflows when creating new offers for an advertiser to ensure that the same cookie domain is used, which eliminates human error when setting up several offers.
  • Creative upload date in Affiliate Portal: Affiliates can now see when a creative has been uploaded to an offer, allowing them to filter for the newest creatives.
  • Campaign status filter on Email Affiliates Wizard: Enables clients to select and send an email to several affiliates who all have a common campaign status. This allows users to send emails only to affiliates who have an active campaign or a pending campaign, for example.
  • Delete landing pages: Users now have the ability to delete landing pages, which tend to be temporary, and this will help maintain a tidy system. Previously, some clients felt they had to filter through too many landing pages when creating offer contracts or creatives with specific landing pages, so now that has been resolved.


What’s next: Product ideas on deck

  • In beta – Navigate between main tabs without cards closing down (in beta): One of the major benefits of CAKE is our card-based system. This allows you to multitask across multiple entities in the system at once. If several cards are open, and then the user navigates to a different Main Tab in the system (going from the Affiliate Main Tab to the Advertiser Main Tab for example) all of the cards would disappear. This was frustrating for customers who felt like they lost their work. Interested in joining our beta program to provide valuable feedback on this feature? Sign up here.
  • Coming soon – Day Parting: Due to high demand (idea that received the highest amount of votes), this will be the next feature we’ll be developing. Day Parting is a feature that allows customers to pay affiliates a different rate depending on the time of day or day of the week. They call these Peak Hours and Off Peak Hours. The second part of Day Parting is the ability to redirect traffic away from an offer during Off Peak Hours.
  • Vote now – Cast your votes on 22 new unique ideas: We continue to garner engagement and receive new ideas every week. Vote on the ideas that you like best and add comments as well. Here are a couple ideas to consider that have recently been posted in the CAKE Idea Portal:
    • Ability to have a new status for affiliates that are potentially sending fraudulent traffic. This new status makes it very easy to send that traffic to a specific page (ie 404 page), therefore bypassing your redirect strategy.
    • Add conversions in bulk simply by the request ID
    • Plus so many more ideas! Head over to the portal to cast your votes.

If you’re interested in joining the CAKE Idea Portal, contact your account manager or sign up here.