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Where Did The Payphones Go?

Do you remember when street corners were covered with payphones? It’s tricky to recall because smart phones have infiltrated our lives to such an extent that if we leave home without them we feel totally incomplete. In fact, most of us probably have very little recollection of making a collect call or carrying change around just in case we needed to use a payphone. So where did they all go? With the advent of smartphones, comes one of the most complex yet simple technological advancements to consumers across the globe. Mobile. From texting, calling, gaming and shopping, smartphones have provided users with greater control over their “remote capabilities,” thus eliminating the need for those classic phone booths.

According to Gartner “Revenue from Global Mobile Advertising …[will] grow 400 percent between 2011 and 2016.”  This growth is astonishing and full of opportunity for the performance marketing community. As consumers go mobile, so do their early brand interactions, purchase making decisions and ultimately those sought after conversions.  It is at this point many traditional affiliate network technologies and advertisers are still suffering from the inability to track mobile

Here are a couple of questions all performance and affiliate marketers should ask themselves?

  1. If I am not in mobile, how do I break into this rapidly growing industry?
  2. What tools are available to track my performance?
  3. How do I reach new targets and optimize my mobile campaigns?
  4. Is there software out there that provides real-time insight across all of my performance marketing channels for increased accuracy and visibility?

Before you begin, make sure to build a strategy, select the proper tools and formulate a plan for how you will measurably improve your results.