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Whatever It Takes, To Get CAKE!

About a year and a half ago, Jeff McCollum proposed a crazy idea to me to move to London and start a team.  At the time, my wife and I were in a great position to do whatever we wanted.  We were (well, still are) young, without any kids to pull out of schools and up for the adventure.  Let’s move to London! Well, as things go, the timing wasn’t right for various reasons and we put the move on hold.  Let’s fast forward about a year’s time.

The day was like any other day in the CAKE office.  I was rocking out to Michael Jackson having dreams of doing the perfect moonwalk when suddenly Jeff approached me at my desk and said he had a dream about my wife and I the night before.  SO…I followed him to his office so he could enlighten me about his dream.  “It was clear as day”, he said. “You and Allie were in London and you were working in our London office.  We’re in a great position to open an office and I want you to move.”  This is interesting because I’ve just learned that Allie is pregnant.  This was a slightly different situation now, as you can imagine.  To have? Or not to have? … A baby in London?

Without hesitation, or consulting my wife, I said, “yes”.  I was very relieved when she said yes too.

Allie and I couldn’t wait to get to London and begin taking over the European market with CAKE.  As you can imagine, our expectations and emotions were fully devoted to moving and living in London.  In good faith, we booked our airline tickets for Thursday, May 23rd in hopes that our VISA’s would come in time.  No joke, they arrive via FedEx on Wednesday the 22nd.  It was meant to be. We arrived on a Friday and moved into our new flat in Putney, which is located just south of the Thames.  We live in a beautiful neighborhood called Manor Fields which is just 30 minutes by Tube to our office on Oxford Street.

I am thrilled and feel honored to be a part of the CAKE team and cannot wait to take Europe by storm.  At the moment, I work with two gentlemen, Paul Wright and Felipe Uribe, and am looking forward to growing our team and expanding the CAKE network that our current clients can look forward to working with in the future. If you’re in London, we’d love to hear from you and have you visit our office.