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iOS 14: What this Means for Mobile Campaign Tracking in CAKE

ios 14

Apple’s release of their new mobile operating system, iOS 14, includes a new consumer privacy setting that will change the future of mobile advertising.

The new setting requires that all apps adhere to the AppTracking Transparency framework and require consumers to opt-in to the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers). When a consumer opens an app for the first time, they will be prompted with an opt-in to allow or disallow the app to track them and provide access to the IDFA.


The opt-in prompt will be displayed to all iOS users who have not enabled Apple’s Limited Ad Tracking setting on their device. While this setting was previously buried in the iOS settings, now it will be front and center when a consumer opens an app for the first time.

Originally slated for September 2020, the IDFA ad tracking changes have been postponed until early 2021 (still no specific date).

While these settings are disrupting how performance marketers track mobile campaigns, CAKE has a solution to help you still ensure accurate measurement.


Use CAKE’s mobile postback URL to track mobile campaigns

Since most of our customers do not use IDFA, the new privacy protocols will not have an impact on your campaign tracking.

However, if you’ve integrated your mobile marketing campaigns within CAKE, our new solution will help you address the iOS privacy changes. Now you can easily integrate CAKE’s mobile postback URL within any mobile marketing platform (MMP), allowing you to easily manage your mobile campaigns alongside the rest of your affiliate marketing program and maintain all reporting within a single dashboard.

For more information on how to configure CAKE’s mobile postback URL, please visit our knowledge base article here.


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