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Getting The Most Out Of Onboarding And Training

Changing platforms can be difficult. Luckily there's a team at CAKE to make things much easier.

Advertisers, Networks, and Agencies all have one major thing in common. Finding a tracking platform supported by uptime guarantees to ensure their data is always in safe hands, is of the utmost importance.  Once you've found your perfect platform, you now need to learn how to use it, and not just use it…but really get the most out of it! This phase is commonly referred to as onboarding and training. During this stage all data will need to be transferred to the new platform, and all users will need to be trained on your new system.

At CAKE, we fully understand that selecting the right platform is no easy task, and requires proper research, referrals and trust. Reliability, scalability, and around the clock customer support are not “add-ons” but are entirely necessary when considering the nature of performance marketing and protecting your business.  One of the worst things any digital marketer can ever face is waking up in the morning only to find that their tracking was down the night before and for that given time period zero clicks, and conversions were accounted for and a large portion of revenue now lost. The opportunity cost can be tremendous.

How reliable is your platform? 
This is an important question to ask. Can the platform grow with your needs?  Are there new features continually released to improve the platform?  Even better, are you able to provide feedback to the product roadmap?  Do you have suggestions on how to make the platform more effective for online marketers and their daily needs? As a customer, you're going to want a platform that will not only grow with you, but will assist and help guide you in your growth.  You will also want the platform provider to deliver the proper tools and support required to make it to the next level.

How much support do you have with your platform?
Do you work odd hours or are you located in a time zone that differs from the ‘normal business hours’?  If you work during these seemingly off hours (which most performance marketers do by the way), you'll need a platform that will be there to support you during all hours of the night and day.  When looking for a platform, it is extremely important to ask what level of support you can expect to receive, and to hold them accountable to these promises. May we even go so far as to suggest looking for a platform that not only provides customer support but trains their employees to act as troubleshooters in addition to educators. Dedicated account managers who understand your business goals and help you develop a plan to not just achieve but far succeed these goals.

If those questions and situations sound important to you or are starting to make your wheels turn, then listen up because CAKE has a solution for you!

CAKE is built on a foundation of three key components:

Reliability     Scalability     Availability

How CAKE is Reliable:
Cake provides 99.9% uptime guarantees. With years of experience in the performance marketing space we know how important uptime is. Our team has invested substantial resources into our hosting infrastructure to provide you with unparalleled reliability. That issue of your tracking…not tracking…won’t be an issue for you.   You might be wondering how we can offer such uptime guarantees. Your CAKE instance runs on not just one, but two servers simultaneously and those servers are run in two separate data centers in different cities. Our platform is fully mirrored and redundant across 4 locations both in the US and internationally.

How CAKE is Scalable:
CAKE is continually looking for ways to help our clients grow their business.  Good news…we want to grow with you! We're here to help our clients increase revenue, reduce their operational costs, and unlock new business opportunities in the performance marketplace.  How do we help them increase revenue? CAKE has an incredibly feature-rich platform. Take a further look at some initial ways to increase your revenue with CAKE:

  • Upsells attached to offers
  • In depth and customized redirect strategies
  • Step pixels to track a user’s click history and better optimize the creative’s to drive revenue
  • Mobile targeting and reporting
  • Lead distribution
  • Robust API with numerous third party integrations

On top of it all CAKE prides itself on building relationships with our customers and we want to pass this value on to you! We will always help connect you with like-companies to expand your reach and grow your business.

In addition to helping our clients grow, CAKE is continually growing, innovating and adding valuable resources to position our customers as leaders in the performance marketing space.  We love receiving feature requests from our clients, and work hard to incorporate as many client requests into our platform as possible.  

How CAKE is Available:
How does 24/7 live tech support sound?  What if I told you that it is in addition to a dedicated Account Manager?  Not only that, but your own dedicated On-boarding and Training manager to help you with the platform transition as well.

You might be wondering what exactly is included in On-Boarding? 
During the on-boarding process, your dedicated trainer will assist you in building your customized instance.  Your instance is completely white-labeled, and can be customized with multiple logos and color options to make it look like an extension of your corporate website.  CAKE is flexible when it comes to your domains, and can purchase these on your behalf, or use domains you currently own.

Do you have data you need transferred over?  No problem!  CAKE will help you transfer all of your current data, including Advertisers, Offers, Affiliates, Verticals Campaigns, Pixels, Creatives, etc into your new CAKE instance.  CAKE’s on-boarding team can help you take that data from just about any other platform, including proprietary ones, and transfer it to your new instance of CAKE.  This process is entirely painless for you! When you log in, you'll be set up and ready to go.  CAKE will also assist you in transferring any 3rd party integrations over to your new CAKE instance, such as suppression lists management companies (UnsubCentral, Optizmo, Ezepo), fraud detection services (CPA Detective, Fraudlogix) and payment providers (Tipalti) to name a few.  We also have a very comprehensive list of APIs available to all of our clients that can be leveraged to integrate with your internal systems.

Once your instance is created, your trainer will walk you through the system from a high level overview, all the way through reporting, accounting and advanced features.  CAKE's trainings are very hands on, and you will have the opportunity to do your first full setup with a CAKE trainer on the line.  During this training process, you should have enough information to begin driving traffic and making money on your new platform.  All trainings are recorded and sent to your team for later review.  In addition to your training, your team has full access to CAKE's knowledge base, where you can find numerous documents and videos on various CAKE features.

Once training is complete, your team will have the added support of your very own dedicated Account Manager, who will be there to assist you with further setup and implementation of specific advanced features.  Your Account Manager will become an expert in your setup, and will be able to provide you with tips and tricks along the way to help advance your company.  Don't forget, this is all in addition to 24/7 free tech support, which is handled by a team of skillful and energetic support members that are here to help you in any way possible.

No matter which way you go when searching for a platform, I hope you take the time to do your research, and find a company that is a good fit for you!

Happy platform hunting!  We look forward to seeing you as a CAKE client!