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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Four Ways to Future Proof your Affiliate Network – [New eBook]

affiliate marketing tips

Modern networks are constantly adapting to the evolving affiliate marketing ecosystem. Discover the steps they are taking to future proof their network and the affiliate programs they manage. You’ll gain access to actionable affiliate marketing tips and essential recommendations that unlock the keys to success for both now and in the future.

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Ready to improve your affiliate marketing?

You’ve come to the right place.


Affiliate marketing is a vital component of advertisers’ overall digital strategy, this is according to 90 percent of advertisers. And here’s why. The affiliate channel makes up a large portion of an advertiser’s overall revenue, typically 15-30 percent of all sales in fact.

This is where affiliate networks come in.

The opportunity for networks is immense, but so is the responsibility. More than 83 percent of advertisers partner with networks to optimize the performance of their affiliate program. In order to ensure long-term viability and meet the requirements of their advertisers, affiliate networks must look ahead to the future.

This includes staying on top of:

  • Industry trends impacting affiliate vertical industries’ growth
  • Changing consumer behavior patterns
  • New consumer privacy regulations
  • Measurement methods that exist in a cookieless future


Here’s what you’ll learn in the eBook:

  • Industry verticals: Techniques to diversify an affiliate program with new verticals and partners
  • Consumer behavior: Methods to acquire loyalty traffic as evolving consumer purchasing patterns transform the affiliate channel from an acquisition-based channel into one focused on customer retention
  • Consumer privacy: Steps to proactively build an effective consumer privacy strategy that keeps all partners aligned
  • Cookieless tracking: How to implement server-to-server tracking to measure performance without cookies


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