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3 Reasons Phone Calls are a Digital Marketer’s New Best Friend

Woman on the Phone

We’re always looking for new ways to attract, engage, and convert customers. But have you ever thought about how phone calls fit into the picture? Well, now is the time.

The numbers don’t lie. According to Invoca’s new 2015 Call Intelligence Index, more and more consumers begin their journeys online and complete them over the phone. Just about everyone is carrying a smartphone, and marketers are realizing that phone calls are now a big part of the “digital” journey. And as it turns out, there are serious benefits to pairing inbound calls with digital lead generation strategies.

Here are three major reasons you can’t ignore phone calls:

1. High Conversion Rates

Usually you feel pretty good with a 2% conversion rate on your PPC campaigns. How would you feel about a 30% conversion rate? Those are the types of numbers you could be seeing by incorporating phone calls and pay-per-call campaigns into your online lead gen strategy.

Phone calls naturally have impressive conversion rates because, as you can guess, a customer’s favorite time to call a business is when they are ready to make a purchase. In fact, 61% of mobile searchers say that click-to-call is most valuable in the purchase phase according to Google.

2. Common Point of Interaction in the Path to Purchase

You may be tempted to relegate phone calls to the offline world — the byproduct of TV commercials and print ads, a touch point losing relevance in a highly automated and digital world. The truth is, there are no longer hard lines separating the online experience from the offline one. With one tap of the screen, people are transitioning from a search ad, email, or website to a phone call.

Mobile technology has actually brought phone calls back to the forefront of the customer experience. According to Invoca’s new Call Intelligence Index, 45% of phone calls come from mobile search alone, and only 16% are referred by offline channels. Mobile apps and website are great, but they will never replace human interaction.

3. Calls Are Happening Across All Industries

According to the 2015 Call Intelligence Index, phone calls placed in 2014 were spread across more than 40 industries. Nearly one-third of those calls were within industries focused on lead generation for “high-consideration” purchases. Here are the top 10 industries with the highest call volume:

  1. Recreation and Leisure
  2. Insurance
  3. Financial Services
  4. Health and Wellness
  5. Home Services
  6. Education
  7. Computer and Electronics
  8. Legal
  9. Auto
  10. Travel

Phone calls are increasing at such a rapid pace in industries where the path to purchase tends to require a human touch. Consumers are going to talk to a live rep somewhere in the journey, so marketers that give the option to call often and early on, generate more phone calls, higher conversion rates, and ultimately greater ROI.

If you want to learn more about how phone calls are shaking up the status quo, check out the infographic “Phone Calls and the New Customer Journey” from Invoca.

Call Intelligence Index