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Hats Off to DirectTrack

When you are a $350B global mega-tech-opoly like Google, you can abruptly bow out of the affiliate marketing business with a sudden announcement to customers.  The shutdown of GAN went something like this: “Find another provider within the next couple of months or else you’re up the creek without a pixel!”  This left advertisers panicked and scurrying.

When DirectTrack’s parent, Digital River, reached out about six months ago to CAKE's President Jeff McCollum, they were seeking a strategic partnership. The indelicate closure of the Google Affiliate Network was embedded in their memory.  They reflected on the proud history of DirectTrack, it’s pivotal role in birthing the performance marketing industry, and the importance of its loyal clientele.

DirectTrack had run its course and it was time to sunset its software platform….”the right way.”

“The right way” was to set aside egos and emotions and to entrust its legacy to an arch rival. The Digital River and DirectTrack leadership was unwavering about the commitments they required from our team at CAKE.

First, we had to prove that we would continue to innovate with our technology.

Second, we had to agree to participate in months of planning on the migration plan for their customers.

Third, we had to fund their ongoing operation during the transition with a $1M investment, proving our financial viability and our commitment to their plan.

It was a no-brainer for CAKE’s Board to move forward.  Both parties knew that we were the right partner for doing this “the right way.”  And now that we are two weeks into executing DirectTrack’s vision of causing zero disruption to its clients’ operations, we are hugely impressed by the businesses that have grown on the DirectTrack platform.

So much has been done with so little over the declining years at DirectTrack and CAKE is now stepping in to give these innovative and diverse clients a turbo charge.  These are exciting times for everyone involved and the stress levels are significantly reduced thanks, in part, to Google.

Our hats are off to the Digital River and DirectTrack leadership. And the collective arms of the entire CAKE ecosystem are wide open to its loyal clients.  The evolution, professionalization and consolidation of our industry continues.