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    Infographic: Data and the Customer Journey

    How well do digital marketers understand the journey their customers take from awareness to conversion and beyond? Based on research, the answer may be ‘not very.’ In fact, an eMarketer report found that only a minority of agency professionals and client-side marketers from around the world were using key sources of data about the customer journey.

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    Customer Lifetime Value: The Metric Marketers Often Forget, But Shouldn’t

    Marketing and sales strive to quickly push buyers from a first interaction to an initial purchase in order to drive short-term revenue. However, it shouldn’t stop there. If marketers gain a greater understanding of what their consumers want, they can effectively develop strategies to continually interact with those consumers once an acquisition has been made, thus

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    SXSW: It’s All About the Journey

    This week we’re heading out to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin. As you probably know, SXSW brings a unique intersection of original music, independent films and emerging technologies. CAKE is excited to be part of this event, and will be taking stage at the Marketo SXSW Engagement Lounge on Saturday March 14 at noon

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    How-to: Tracking Events Along the Customer Journey

    One of the first things we learn in Marketing 101 is many-a-customer-journey is littered with events. Like breadcrumbs left behind by people lost in the woods, events are the only way for advertisers and marketers alike to attribute a desired outcome back to its source.

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    New Whitepaper: Attribution and the Customer Journey

    Are you still using last-touch attribution? What is multi-channel attribution, and why should you care? Marketers still relying on last-touch are jeopardizing their digital spend. Learn about attribution, why it matters, a little about attribution models and some essential “must knows”.

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    Don’t Just Measure the Ad, Measure the Journey

    Leverage Attribution: The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

    For anyone who buys, sells or has any kind of stake in the world of digital advertising, a headline like "We Have No Idea if Online Ads Work" is certainly something you notice. This recent Slate column focuses on a much talked about eBay study that essentially came to the conclusion that search ads offer no measurable benefit for well-known brands.

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    Webinar: How to Successfully Map the Customer Journey

    Now, more than ever, digital marketers are being held accountable for consistently innovating and steering their organizations through a rapidly evolving marketing landscape. It’s a challenging task.