Boost Partner Performance with Precision

CAKE’s Affiliate Marketing Solution provides the tools needed to efficiently manage and measure your partner marketing program, optimize performance for the highest profitability and attract valuable partners.

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Affiliate Marketing

Maximize Profitability with Intelligent Lead Routing

CAKE’s Lead Distribution Solution captures, validates, and distributes leads in real-time and measures closed-loop performance to optimize acquisition efforts.

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Drive Digital Marketing Performance with Transparent Measurement

CAKE’s MultiChannel Marketing Solution measures digital campaign performance across all channels to provide a holistic view into cross-channel impact on the customer journey.

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CAKE News & Resources

More than 500 of the world’s most successful advertisers, networks and publishers build their business on CAKE’s Performance Marketing Software.

Lola Leads
Blitz Ads
One Technologies
Veteran’s United
Lending Tree
Best Rate Referrals
The Control Group
The Affiliati Network
Direct Agents
Oasis Ads

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Customer Support, The Kind You Deserve

We don’t like to think of any customer being stranded without a solution. Our team of industry experts provide the answers and assistance you need. Our 24/7 phone support, extensive Knowledge Base, online ticketing system and professional services are always available.

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Dependable and Secure, Our Promise to You

As a company, CAKE takes great care to ensure that our client’s data is safe and that our enterprise-grade platform and world-class infrastructure is dependable and secure. Our mission is to ensure data security and privacy and we continue to deliver on this commitment through ongoing GDPR efforts and additional security regulations.

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Real Demands, Real Help…

Results, the Kind You Want

By boosting network traffic quality by 20%, Revenue Ads strengthened the ROI for their advertisers and increased profitability for their affiliates.

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