Affiliate Tracking and Analytics Software for Performance Marketing Networks

Networks need a solution that easily captures and analyzes granular data to attribute every conversion, allowing them to pinpoint the affiliates and campaigns that are the most valuable.

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Do you know which affiliates and campaigns are the most valuable?

Manage your entire affiliate network program with one tool, tracking and analyzing results, providing creative and guiding your digital marketing spend choices.

  • Multiple Payout Formats

    Set price payouts by campaign for each conversion or event to track marketing cost across affiliates and campaigns by CPA, CPM, CPC or revshare.

  • Real Metrics in Real-Time

    See exactly which campaigns and affiliates are performing, access data via API, schedule specific reports and export data to a CSV file, all in real-time.

  • Targeted Campaign Control

    Get immediate campaign control through
    real-time tracking of location, device, browser plus more, with traffic caps and redirection.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

  • Custom Report Calculations

    Create custom views for each report instead of exporting them to Excel.

  • Role-specific Portals

    Increase partner satisfaction through individual portals for affiliates and advertisers.

  • End-to end Lead Generation

    Collect and report on leads in real-time with industry-leading tools.

Additional Features

  • Multiple White-labeled Interfaces

    Increase partner satisfaction through individual portals for affiliates and advertisers.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Export data to a CSV file, access data via API and schedule specific reports in real-time.

  • Custom Reporting Views

    Customize reporting by user and share these views across the organization. Create custom calculations on each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel.

  • Custom Targeting

    Go beyond location and device targeting with custom parameters using URL and referring affiliate for the most accurate results.

  • Location Targeting

    Target campaigns by language and location, including particular states, cities and even zip codes, through the geo-targeting databases.

  • Device Targeting

    Target any device, ISP carrier, operating system or browser in real-time by leveraging a massive and continually-updated mobile device database.

  • Event Tracking

    Go beyond single revenue-generating conversions and see what events are really driving conversions.

  • Pixel and Postback Management

    Simplify workflow by allowing administrators and affiliates to control postback and pixels within virtually any network or platform in real-time.

  • Tagging

    Simplify grouping and reporting on thousands of campaigns and enable users to target offers towards specific affiliates.

  • Fraud Prevention

    Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

  • Click and Conversion Caps

    Set click and conversion caps on offers and affiliates. Let campaigns run without worrying about exceeding budget. Users receive real-time email notifications.

  • Complete API Support

    Make changes through flexible internal automation tools and allow programmatic ingestion of data.

  • Affiliate and Advertiser API

    Give your affiliates and advertisers the power to automate their own workflow through their own API.

  • Mobile Tracking

    Track mobile and cookieless campaigns in parallel with all other channels in real-time through available SDK and helper files.

  • Impression Tracking

    Optimize impression tracking by simply adding a pixel to ad tags or take it to the next level with ad server integrations.

  • Enhanced Email Communication

    Update affiliates and advertisers regularly with customized email templates that utilize text, HTML and attachments.

  • Pixel Whitelisting

    Create and manage a custom conversion pixel whitelist that protects your company from fraud in cases where
    server-to-server tracking is not possible.

  • Detailed Compliance Reports

    Identify when an advertiser updates suppression files, when affiliates download them, and find out who has unsubscribed from offers, all in one, centralized report.

  • Referral Rewards

    Reward existing affiliates for recruiting new publishers using a commission-based incentive program with customizable timeframes, amounts and payment models, including profit shares, revenue percentages or a simple flat fee.

  • Affiliate Signup

    Utilize our simple hosted signup form or create your own signup forms with our signup APIs.

  • Account Control

    Customize user and department permissions as well as role access controls for each individual accessing the platform.

  • Offer Contracts

    Setup alternate landing pages, rules and events by campaign with a single offer instead of setting up multiple
    individually-managed offers.

  • Ecommerce-ready

    Understand every level of ecommerce campaign performance and collect actionable data at the product level through product-based tracking and reporting.

  • Voucher Code Support

    Upload and track unique coupons by source using advanced attribution options.

  • 3rd-Party Integrations

    Integrate with Quickbooks, Forensiq, Invoca, Unsubcentral, Optimzmo, Ezepo, BriteVerify, Neustar, Tipalti and many others in minutes.

  • Superior Support

    Get industry-leading support; 24 hours, 7 days a week.

  • Reliability and Scalability

    Rest easy with worldwide
    co-location through RackSpace and Amazon Web Services.

  • Security

    Secure data with customizable security settings - from simple password authentication to banking-level multi-factor authentication.

  • Audit Trail and History

    Track all changes made by account managers and system administrators to help identify who made changes and understand why changes were made.

  • Global Search

    Improve workflow by finding sources, creatives, sub-ID’s, campaigns and contacts through one easy-to-use search box.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Scale to meet business needs in real-time with options ranging from a shared single server to multiple dedicated servers.

  • Flexible and Customizable

    Take advantage of years of customer-driven software development that has led to a flexible and customizable solution.

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