Atlantic Coast Media Group

Premium Beauty Products Marketer Captures Precise, Granular Metrics on Affiliate Marketing Performance

The Client

Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG) develops and markets a broad range of iconic beauty products that deliver real-time results for more than 10 million customers worldwide. A pioneer in 360 degree marketing since 2005, ACMG uses a variety of approaches to engage with consumers and increase awareness and loyalty for its brands, which include Hydroxatone, Keranique, Luminique and Miracle Skin Transformer.

Atlantic Coast Media Group

Industry: Beauty Products

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The Business Challenge

ACMG’s affiliate marketing program is an important part of its 360 degree marketing strategy — the company’s select group of online partners help funnel traffic to its brands and drive ecommerce sales. To ensure that this program is generating the best possible results, ACMG needs to know what’s working and what’s not so that it can adjust its strategy, if needed. This requires precise metrics that identify where traffic is coming from and which affiliates are most influential in driving sales.

ACMG’s previous performance tracking tool lacked accuracy and wasn’t able to capture the more granular levels of insight required. In seeking an alternative, the company focused on finding a solution powerful enough to measure the impact of each of the individual “touch points” that contribute to conversions and sales.


Enter CAKE

ACMG is now using CAKE’s multi-channel intelligence platform to accurately track the performance of its affiliate campaigns. With CAKE, ACMG is able to drill down into each affiliate-driven transaction and see what device was used, which browser, the type of credit card and more. CAKE’s platform not only helps ACMG get a complete picture of what’s happening in real-time, it also supplies data that is being used in conjunction with the company’s home grown business intelligence tool to better predict the lifetime value of affiliate-driven customers.


“CAKE has allowed us to get richer and more granular insight into the performance of our affiliate program.”

Bryant Hussey
Director, Online Acquisitions & Partnerships – AGMG


CAKE’s ability to capture the entire history of the customer journey — including details like mobile devices and carriers, location of the consumer and type of credit card used in the transaction — is much more powerful than solutions that simply record the final touch before a sale. This precision is the primary reason that ACMG chose CAKE, and with the insights it is gaining, is helping the company significantly improve real-time decision-making and strategically grow its exclusive affiliate network.

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Business Impact
  • Improved real-time decision-making
  • More accurate insight into affiliate program performance
  • Predictive intelligence on lifetime customer value
  • Highly accurate real-time campaign insight
  • Ability to capture granular data
  • Flexible reporting
  • Ease of integration with in-house BI technology