Affiliate Marketing in Latin America

Succeeding in a Fast Growing, Mobile-heavy Market

Advertising in the digital age is all about adaptation. As the devices, channels and applications that consumers use to engage with content continue to multiply and advance, advertisers and the marketers who serve them must be able to keep pace with constant change.

While eMarketer reported that Latin America had the fastest-growing ad market, digital advertising investments were still lagging compared to spending on traditional media. eMarketer attributed this to the idea that “advertisers in Latin America have been slow to invest in digital advertising formats due to the lack of reliable measurement metrics when it comes to digital.” However, this is more perception than reality. Advertising technologies – in particular tools for measuring and tracking ad performance – have become more widely available, accurate and easy-to-use in recent years, offering an assist to marketers eager to scale their business.

Advertising networks operating in Latin America need to be ready to take advantage of the untapped opportunities presented by digital’s growth, especially in the mobile channel. Today, the door is wide open for smart providers to enlist innovative technologies in order to boost the effectiveness of their affiliate marketing strategies and deliver greater ROI for their clients and partners.


In this new whitepaper from CAKE, you will learn:

– Best practices for affiliate marketing in LATAM’s mobile first landscape

– How to efficiently manage client and partner relationships with advanced tracking technology

– How to stay one step ahead in a competitive market


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