Certified Agencies

Grow Your Performance Marketing Business

Get Access to CAKE's Certified Agencies

CAKE has scoured the agency world to find the best partners. Our Certified Agencies are well versed in CAKE’s products and the industries in which our customers thrive. This uniquely positions our partners to better serve companies that use CAKE’s digital marketing hub.

All the support you need

Whatever you feel is the best way to expand your performance marketing business, there is a CAKE Certified Agency that can help! Below are just some of the ways:

  • Affiliate Program Management

    Rely on a team of experts to manage everything from affiliate program setup and launch to affiliate recruitment, program optimization and marketing strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing

    Be found by more customers through winning SEO and SEM strategies that get results by helping customers who are already searching for you find you

  • Pay-per-click Strategy

    Generate ROI with a customized PPC strategy that puts you in touch with the right customers at the right time

  • Social Media Marketing

    Benefit from the expertise of marketers deeply engrained in existing and future social platform marketing best practices and strategy

  • Mobile App Install Acquisition

    Get your mobile app on more devices through a solid mobile app marketing strategy developed by experts who know how to get users to not only download your app, but actually use it

  • Native Advertising

    Expertly deploy promoted videos, images, articles, commentary, music and other media to connect with a broader audience in all the places you already advertise

  • Mobile Advertising

    Gain the insight to adapt to emerging mobile marketing trends and meet the demands of users searching for and purchasing products and services through mobile devices

  • Industry-Specific Growth Strategies

    Drive growth through marketing programs designed by industry experts to attract the right audience, convert prospects, and engage more customers