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White Paper: Using Technology to Make More Money Selling Leads

Lead monetization is the process of getting the best price for generated leads. This process is critical to the success of lead generators who drive website traffic then sell information about that traffic to lead buyers in a wide variety of industries, including financial services, education, home services and more.

Lead monetization has become a hot topic in performance marketing these days as lead generators are feeling the pinch of buyers demanding better leads at a better price. At conferences like LeadsCon, held earlier this month in Las Vegas, lead generators are revealing more about the challenges they face.

The need for lead buyers to become more cost effective has lead generators working harder than ever. They are being tasked with delivering high quality leads in accordance with ever more stringent criteria. This means they must drive the right traffic, understand the quality of the leads their traffic is generating, and ultimately, match those leads with the right buyer. This is the reality of today’s lead monetization process – a process that can no longer be done manually and must take mere seconds to complete in order for lead generators to stay in business.

Without the right technology solution, lead generators can struggle to stay afloat. That is why understanding what to look for in a solution is imperative.

Fortunately, our team at CAKE has put together a new white paper that can guide lead generators through the lead monetization process and show them the features that will help stay competitive in today’s lead monetization landscape.


Download this new white paper now.