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We’ve Got Your Future Covered!

I love this time of year – fall weather, the Dodgers are in the playoffs, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays are right around the corner.  All I need is my coffee in the iconic red Starbucks cup and I’m in full holiday swoon!

It’s a great time to spend catching up with friends and family and refocusing on what’s important.  At CAKE we know how busy the holidays can get so we’re always mindful of ways to simplify or automate your experience and cut down on tedious or inconvenient activities.

With that in mind, we just rolled out Future Dated Payouts – you can now schedule your payout changes (either by Campaign or Offer Contract) in advance.  Gone are the days of waiting until the last minute to change a payout or performing a mass adjustment after the fact.

Let’s say you’re running a Black Friday offer, which should have a payout change at midnight on Friday, November 29th.  First, that’s late in the evening and if you’re like me, you might be sleeping off a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.  Why not schedule that ahead of time?  Simply go to the Offer Contract or individual Campaign, select the Payouts tab, enter the date and time you’d like the payout change to occur along with the updated payout.  Done.

In addition, let’s say you also need to update the payout for Cyber Monday.  You can add as many scheduled payout changes, as you’d like in the payout scheduler tab.

For Offer Contracts, you can also schedule a Price Received change.

For more information or to provide feedback, please contact your Account Manager.  Enjoy the fall!