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Show Insights | iFX 2017

The CAKE team just returned from iFX 2017, the largest Financial B2B Conference in the world. It’s always a pleasure to meet with our growing international client base as well as our valued technology partners. In addition, iFX is a great platform for gaining insights into the shifting tides of this dynamic industry. We’ve seen a huge change in the market over the past twelve months with regulatory bodies increasing the scrutiny on the marketing and sales efforts of online trading companies operating in Europe.

Many of the conversations taking place at iFX centred around the new regulations and on how the industry can adapt and remain profitable. These conversations are very timely and pertinent as failure to comply with the new regulations will lead to huge penalties. It is more important than ever for marketers to take control. In the online trading business, new client acquisition is critical, and having the right tools at your disposal will make the difference between success and failure.


At CAKE, we work with a wide range of clients in the financial sector across 80 countries including Investment Banks, Forex Brokers, Affiliate Networks, Media Agencies and Fintech firms. Our technology was built with the idea of servicing enterprise companies who face challenging regulatory and market conditions. For companies facing new regulations, below are some best practices to help navigate the shifting ecosystem:


  1. Marketing Regulation and Compliance
  • Geo redirects: Flexible country and city level rules that ensure your traffic is relevant and compliant
  • Referer whitelists: Restrict affiliate referrals to specific landing pages and URLS
  • Blacklists and Blocking: Control where your traffic comes from and switch off affiliate campaigns, sub-affiliates, referrers and IP ranges. Switch off creatives, affiliates, campaigns, sub-affiliates, referrers, geos and more in one click
  • Ad Copy compliance: Work with a company like BrandVerity to identify non-compliant website content and unauthorized ads
  • Traffic Blocking:


Numerous discussions about the top online trading platforms expanding into new, untapped markets particularly in LATAM and APAC also took place during the two-day conference. When considering your acquisition strategy for these markets you must consider if your affiliate program can achieve its desired reach:


  1. New markets, New opportunities
  • API integrations: Can you work with networks with the largest market reach, can you integrate via API?
  • Translations: Is your affiliate portal suitable for international introducing brokers (IBs) and affiliates?
  • Currencies and payouts: Can you pay each local partner in their own currency? Do you have the flexibility to create custom deals for each affiliate (Hybrid, CPA, Rev-share, CPC, CPM etc.)?
  • Attribution: Do you understand the influence of each partner on the sale? Do you have an unbiased view of performance across all marketing efforts?

There is a tremendous amount of growth and potential in the online trading industry, we look forward to partnering with new and exciting companies and helping them remain complaint whilst scaling their user acquisition and growth. We also look forward to participating in next year’s iFX and see how the new regulations regarding compliance play out.