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RD Summit | Show Insights

On November 3rd, CAKE attended RD Summit hosted by Resultados Digitais in Florianopolis, Brazil. With over 5,200 attendees, RD Summit is one of Latin America’s largest congregations of advertisers and technology providers. The two day Summit proved to be an incredible platform to network with industry professionals and explore new opportunities within the digital marketing space.

RD Summit has been growing in attendance year over year, which is a true display of the market growth in Brazil. During the Summit, the CAKE team had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with current clients and gain a new perspective on where Brazil’s digital market is currently at and what direction it is heading towards. One of the most notable takeaways from the event was the Advertisers and Brands eagerness to innovate their business offerings. In response to this, RD Summit has taken a very respectable approach within their market by providing a large range of educational talks and material.

Throughout the event, I had the opportunity to attend a few sessions and ultimately walked away with the understanding that Brazil is well primed to emerge as a leading market and that they have already garnered international interest and support. Some of the most notable sessions included:

-Will Reynolds, Founder of SEER Interactive who delivered a session offering best practices to answer your customers’ questions through PPC.

-Matt Doyon, VP of Sales of Rock Content provided insights on how to fully understand your customers in order to address their needs and ensure your business goals are aligned with what customers care about.

-Neil Patel, Co-Founder of Crazy Egg & Hello Bar, shared his thoughts on Growth Hacking and tips on how to increase user acquisition through novel and cost effective means.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Doyon of Rock Content and Mirko Mayeroff, Director of Buscapé Company and what they shared was truly insightful. When asked about the future of Brazil’s digital market, both Matt and Mirko shared a similar vision and genuine excitement for the future of Brazil. They believe growth and market maturation will appear once the digital hurdles are solved and Brazilian advertisers advance in ways that other markets around the world already have. When asked about the benefit of international companies offering to help Brazil’s market, Mirko provided the following quote:

“A lesson to learn, you need to come and learn the market. You need to understand taxes and the cultural ways. There is an evolution in the market and we (Brazil) are not part of it yet. The US is 1-2 years ahead of what Brazil is doing today. We understand the benefits companies from the US can provide, but the market still needs to learn about the benefits you offer and understand their value.”

After the event, it became clear that Brazil is a maturing market with a large opportunity for growth and the adoption of new technology, including marketing automation and performance tracking solutions. There is an exciting market on the horizon in Latin America, and our team is well equipped to support their growth.