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MWC 2018: Reflections and Predictions

It’s been over a week since the largest mobile-focused event hit the shores of Barcelona and the CAKE team is reflecting upon the key talking points highlighted at the fast-paced, four-day show. This year the over-arching event theme was “Creating a Better Future” (the full details of which can be found here).

Aside from eating tapas and navigating through the nine exhibit halls, the CAKE team met with clients, prospects and partners so a big thank you to those who visited us!

Now that the event curtain has closed, we caught up with three of the CAKE attendees Benatun, Nicola and Silvia to get their thoughts on MWC 2018.

CAKE: What was your highlight from Mobile World Congress this year?

Benatun: I am always amazed by the friendly and sociable side of the event. A four-day long tradeshow can often be so tiring but everyone at 4pm is still friendly and the booth parties were great for networking and winding down.

Nicola: I enjoyed taking a sneak peek at the new technological launches such as the S9 phone, and learning that a spaceship communication from Earth to Mars takes 24 minutes which the company championing this, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, thinks is still too long!

Silvia: My highlight was engaging in discussions about cryptocurrency. Within the mobile space this can be tied to app coins which I think a lot of companies will implement in the near future.

CAKE: Did you attend any presentations, and if so what did you find interesting?

Nicola: I attended the Internet of Things tour and the most interesting aspect was that 20 billion micro-devices will be connected to the internet by 2020, meaning that in the future brands will try to crack this industry to get in touch with the customer through these multiple “devices,” that will go beyond the phone/laptop/TV screen we are using today!

CAKE: How do you see mobile developing within the performance marketing industry?

Benatun: I think there is going to be a bigger shift from display advertising to performance-based in-app marketing. This practice provides better return on ad spend overall and more companies are becoming aware of its value. Affiliate marketing relates to the strong partnership between advertisers and publishers, and this is where the ROI is more appealing to advertisers because they can pay on performance.

Nicola: I have noticed that big players within this space are trying to test things within performance marketing. They like to see what is happening, what is going right, what is providing them with key return on investment, etc. Therefore, business models will change soon. I think we will see programmatic, retargeting and pay per view becoming bigger.

Silvia: Whilst walking the show floors I saw companies that are trying to build personas of consumers in which they can pass onto the brands. These personas involved indoor tracking of the user’s age and gender to allow personalised notifications/messages at the right time. For example, one company told me it could send reminders to a user to go to the gym, as they could identify that he/she was currently at home. As they pointed out how it would not be valuable to send a gym reminder if the user was already at the gym. Utilising geolocation targeting is therefore key here.

Mobile World Congress overall provided the team with some valuable insights into the world of mobile technology, and food for future thought. It was also a great chance to catch up with our friends in Barcelona and we look forward to seeing if these predictions ring true in the near future!