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A Slice of CAKE

CAKE was founded on the belief that our team should strive to provide superior customer service in addition to an innovative product to create an exceptional user experience for our customers. It’s always nice to put a face to a name and meet the people you interact with on a daily basis! In this new series we will be introducing our exceptional team members from across all departments and all regions…with one goal in mind: we want our customers, prospects and industry advocates to get to know the faces behind the product. Enjoy!

Today we introduce you to Oleg Shpilev, a member of CAKE’s Support Team based in the London office. Oleg began his CAKE career 14 months ago, shortly after graduating from Newcastle University where he studied Information Systems with Business and Marketing.

A Sneak Peek Inside Oleg’s Role at CAKE:

As one of CAKE’s Support Analyst’s, I work within the Client Services Team. I field incoming questions, requests and support calls from clients in real-time and provide detailed responses to help the clients achieve their desired results. As CAKE’s clients come from all corners of the world, I also have the opportunity to speak with customers using my native language: Russian! Apart from responding to requests, I also have the opportunity to analyse customer’s instance set-ups, guide them through the platform and ensure they are using CAKE correctly so they have an exceptional user experience.

Oleg’s Favorite Part About Working at CAKE:

I really enjoy the company culture and creative atmosphere. I also happen to have a good ear for fine tunes and have been delegated to role of London office in house DJ! Since working at CAKE I have deepened my understanding of the performance marketing industry and have somewhat developed a passion for it. As the industry has a range of diverse markets and is forever evolving I find it interesting to see how one another intersect.

Oleg’s Hot Tip For Customers:

Troubleshooting can be a bit of a pain, but make use of the disposition column. It can be extremely useful when it comes to identifying where the click was redirected and why. If the click ends up on the page you are not expecting or a 404, the column will tell you the reason, for example Geo Redirect or Inactive Campaign. Try it out!

His Favorite Activities Outside of CAKE

Outside of CAKE I spend most of my time playing sports, attending concerts and enjoying various types of food. I have started to dabble in the sport squash however, I much prefer playing on the wing for my football team. I love to travel and recently spent 4 months traveling around South East Asia.

Just For Fun, We Asked Oleg “If You Won The Lottery Today, What Would Be The First Thing You Would Do?”

I would surprise all of my friends with an amazing holiday to the South of France. As much as I enjoy London, I thought it would be nice to treat my friends to a bit of sunshine to escape the rain!

An Interesting Fact About Oleg:

I experienced my fifteen minutes of fame when I appeared on the BBC programme: Charlie Brooker’s “How TV ruined your life!” However, I do not agree that TV ruins your life…