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Giving Thanks This Holiday Season

The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday offers a great opportunity to reflect on the prior year and give thanks for the great relationships we have in both our personal and professional lives.  In Client Success, we have numerous opportunities throughout the year to forge strong relationships with clients and partners that enable us to achieve great things together.  Many times, we don’t allow ourselves to take a step back and realize that we are doing something great because we are in the heat of battle, working through challenges and trying to find ways to use CAKE to drive more revenue and/or be more profitable.  During this holiday, it is important to put the brakes on and reflect on the good fortunes we have received.

Sometimes the celebration of achievements and the resolution of conflicts comes through simple communication.  At CAKE, our philosophy is to try and proactively communicate with clients every opportunity we can.  With the advent of social media, we now have an ever-growing list of ways that we can leverage to communicate.  That said, it is always our preference to fall back on the simplest way of communicating – through discussions in real-time either by phone or in person.  This direct communication allows us to get a better ‘feel’ for our relationships with clients than any other way.  We also use social media as a compliment to direct communication because of its ability to help us deliver messages to customers in a scalable way.  Surveys offer yet another way to solicit direct feedback with specific questions, so we can use aggregated data to quantify how our clients feel about our product and service and understand how those sentiments change over time.

Specific to surveys, we have collected valuable learnings from our clients in the past year.  We learned that most survey respondents are power users of CAKE that have been using the system for longer than a year.  We found that most of those respondents feel that our Account Management and Technical Support associates are very knowledgeable about CAKE and how to use it and that the majority of survey respondents are happy with the level of engagement they get from their team.  We also asked our clients if they would recommend CAKE to their colleagues and found that while many survey respondents were willing to recommend us, not as many were actively willing to do it.  Knowing that much of our business over the past several years has come from referrals, this tells us that we need to focus on this in the coming year and improve it.

The key here is that we need to keep the lines of communication open.  Without the ability to have and maintain multiple sources of contact with our clients to better understand how they view their experience with CAKE, we will lose the vital connection we need to ensure we have continued success.  That is why it is important to take this opportunity during this important Thanksgiving holiday to resolve differences in positive ways and most importantly, celebrate what we have achieved.  On behalf of CAKE, I’d like to personally thank our clients for their business and congratulate them on the successes they have achieved using CAKE.  We couldn’t be more proud of those achievements and look forward to a prosperous 2016!