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Figaro Digital – Multi-Channel Marketing Seminar – What You May Have Missed

Multi-channel marketing; it’s one of the biggest topics marketers are discussing. The greatest challenge associated with this topic? Multi-channel attribution. CAKE’s European Marketing Manager, Kelly Patterson recently spoke at this Figaro Digital seminar discussing how tracking the entire customer journey, rather than measuring on last click alone, will help marketers to make smarter decisions with their ad spend and customer acquisition.

The session covered a variety of topics on multi-channel marketing from the likes of:

  • Innometrics
  • Branded3
  • SDL

Kelly spoke about the importance of tracking the anonymous part of the customer journey, because you may be investing your marketing budget into the wrong channel. If you don’t track the full journey, you’ll miss all the touchpoints your clients are making along the way to a conversion. With ad spend rising £936M year over year in the UK alone, advertisers need to be smarter about their marketing investments to see a return on their digital investments.

Andy Walker of Innometrics spoke about crafting brand experiences. Andy walked through a case study featuring an outstanding 380% increase on e-mail conversions when a client had optimised their e-mail marketing strategy and made it more personal to the target audience. Andy also encouraged advertisers to learn from startups to be more innovative. A very interesting insight into the modern world came from Andy, when he relayed a story about how secondary school students are now learning coding as a class! A great insight into how to modern world is really becoming more connected and focused on online activities.

Mark Rhodes, Marketing Director at talked about how Reed are adopting an integrated multi-channel approach with their marketing campaigns, their LoveMondays campaign in particular. He also shared some interesting stats around the millennial generation, pulled from a study that Reed undertook with this target market. The stats revealed that the millennial attention span is probably shorter than we think, at a mere 6 seconds, making this generation probably one of the hardest consumer groups to market to! However, the study showed 94% of them visit YouTube at least once a day, so YouTube could be the perfect channel to get those 6 seconds from them. Mark emphasized that brands need to be open to using every channel in their marketing approach, and if the budget allows, look towards TV. If you can invest in TV, all of the other marketing channels will work harder for you, in order to compliment your TV campaign.

A personalised approach to marketing was a key theme amongst all of the presentations of the day especially as brand experiences are now spreading across many different channels and devices. However, not just a personalised approach in regards to the marketing message and your consumer, but to the channel you are marketing on. If you create something specifically for the channel, it will have a higher chance of being successful.

Other key points from the session came from Matthew Jackson at Branded3 who told us that mobile isn’t actually killing desktop, desktop has remained consistent in usage over the years, it’s just that mobile is rising in growth. As consumers, we are in fact using both. Alex Simonson then hit home the fact that as consumers, we don’t really care how we interact with a brand, whether it be over social, telephone, e-mail, TV we just want it to be a consistent and pleasant experience.

So in review, brands should be looking to adopt the below three points:

  • Track your customer journey to evaluate the performance of your digital ad spend, and gain insight into who your customers are.
  • Integrate all of your channels and personalise your campaigns to not only your customer, but the channel you are advertising on.
  • Leverage TV as a channel to make all of your other channels work harder.