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Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing: 5 CAKE Features that Can Increase Sales

ecommerce affiliate marketing

It’s a fact – The average online order value (AOV) is 31 percent higher from customers driven by affiliate marketing. Managing, measuring, and optimizing your ecommerce affiliate marketing campaigns in a single platform is a critical step to ensure success and the highest revenue return.

As U.S. ecommerce ad spend is projected to rise by 29 percent this year, finding the right ecommerce measurement tool is imperative. CAKE’s Ecommerce solution enables customers to seamlessly manage their ecommerce affiliate marketing campaigns from the offer level down to the SKU code to increase online sales and profitability.


Boost online sales with CAKE’s Ecommerce solution

Customers leveraging CAKE’s Ecommerce solution gain access to real-time insight into transactional information such as order details in addition to granular performance analytics on each purchase. This includes how many sales a traffic source is generating plus which brands, products, or storefront categories are performing the best.

CAKE also equips customers with five specific features they need to manage their performance marketing program and ecommerce campaigns within a single platform to drive the highest ROI. Let’s dive in!


Compensate affiliates with flexible ecommerce payout rules
Pay affiliates based on a variety of ecommerce payout options including shopping cart value, SKU’s, brand, storefront category, or order details (voucher codes, coupons, and line item details).


Enhance performance with SKU-level and category-based ecommerce reports
Measure and optimize ecommerce affiliate marketing campaigns with real-time reports that provide insight into performance. These reports include:

  • Storefront Report – Gives visibility into a storefront’s performance.
  • Order Report – Shows order details at a granular level.
  • Master Report – Displays orders, order total, average order value (AOV), and revenue for affiliates, campaigns, and offers.


Provide partners with easy to access affiliate feeds
Give affiliates access to a storefront feed for product-and-creative related information directly from the CAKE Affiliate Portal.


Ensure accurate tracking and attribution with voucher codes
Upload and track the number of sales attributed to a unique voucher code (also referred to as a promo code, coupon code, vanity code, discount code, or referral code) by source using advanced attribution methods. Learn more about CAKE’s voucher code functionality here.


Access detailed ecommerce product feed integrations
View every level of ecommerce campaign performance and collect actionable metrics on each order through the product feed integration for an entire storefront or subset of a storefront.


Getting started with CAKE’s Ecommerce solution

The U.S. ecommerce market is projected to exceed $875 billion in 2022 with actual ecommerce ad spend set to reach $28.57 billion this year. The industry size and spend presents an opportunity for marketers to launch and scale their ecommerce campaigns and effectively maximize results and sales. CAKE provides customers with the tools they need to succeed with their ecommerce affiliate marketing campaigns.

To get started with CAKE’s Ecommerce solution, connect with our team here.


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