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CAKE Payment Clearinghouse With Tipalti

CAKE is now integrated with Tipalti, the online automated global mass payment platform, leveraging Citibank to make fast, easy and affordable payments to any vendor in 190 countries using various payment methods. This seamless integration streamlines the process for CAKE users by providing a “one-click” payment solution and eliminating the manual process and resources previously necessary to remit payments to Publishers.

The integration offers a customizable, and scalable solution, with global coverage and increased accuracy by eliminating end of the month internal reconciliation for CAKE customers.

Tipalti’s “one-click” payment processing is available in multiple currencies, countries, and payment options.   Combined with CAKE’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities, Tipalti increases efficiencies for CAKE customers by allowing them to focus on optimizing their digital spend without the constraints and risk of managing payment information with different Advertisers or Publishers based on payment type, country or currency.

Simple Set Up:

  1. CAKE clients and Affiliates create an account through the Tipalti/CAKE Integration
  2. Tipalti provides a seamless, white label solution for Affiliates to manage and update their payment information within the CAKE dashboard
  3. You can originate payment requests from your CAKE instance and Tipalti will route the funds appropriately and provide status of payments made

Affiliate Signup – Simplified, Fully White Labeled Payment Clearinghouse Integration

Affiliate Payments – Completely Integrated into CAKE to Simplify Payments.

Up to date payment details will be available for view within CAKE’s Accounting Management Screen.

Benefits to users:

  • One-click Affiliate & Publisher payments
  • Tax and regulatory compliance
  • Scalability
  • Global coverage
  • Self-serve Affiliate/Publisher registration & payment method selection
  • Greater accuracy-eliminates end of the month internal reconciliation
  • Multi-currency, multi-country, and multiple payment types

Don’t miss out on this incredible timesaving tool! Demand continues to grow among CAKE customers desiring to leverage the integration with the CAKE Payment Clearinghouse and the feedback has been phenomenal! This full-featured, multi-national and multi-currency payment solution will streamline your network operations and provide an automated solution.

For more information on the CAKE Payment Clearinghouse with Tipalti please contact your Account Manager.