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CAKE Meets UCL’s Entrepreneurs

It is perhaps the most gratifying aspect of life at CAKE that we see every detail of the performance marketing industry from Lead Generation aggregators, to multinational publishers and networks optimising traffic locally, nationally and beyond.  We also see the next generation of highly talented marketers, developers and entrepreneurs creating and growing businesses that fill every corner of the eco-system, running their business on our platform with great success and prosperity.

When I was recently asked by a great friend of mine to speak to his Entrepreneurial Marketing undergraduates at UCL (University College London), I admit to approaching it with some trepidation.  UCL is among the most prestigious universities in the UK attracting the very best students from all corners of the globe.  Speaking to a collection of those undergraduates was a chance to see first-hand the next wave of young talent and to offer some insight behind the curtain of digital media technology.  And so it was in that bright room in Farringdon that I presented on the Performance Marketing industry, where CAKE fits in and how entrepreneurs dominate within it. The undergraduate students were hungry, yearning and demanding information and knowledge to grow their passion and insatiable appetite to build businesses.

I found myself in unfamiliar territory.  For many years I have been privileged to meet and present to some of the biggest organisations and entered commercial relationships with a significant proportion, thereafter running their digital marketing activities worth millions of dollars.  Yet I felt like a huge sense of responsibility speaking with those undergraduates whose embryonic careers were in the first vestiges of development.  The first thing that struck me was the energy coming from each and every student in the room.  All of them well read, all of them interested and interesting, full of ideas and each one of them driven.  The ideas and relentless passion for creating and nurturing ideas was compelling and magnetic – keen note taking, intelligent questioning, humility and honesty all in abundant display.

Following the presentation a number of the students reached out to request meetings to discuss their projects, one of which is pursuing an affiliate model as it sits perfectly for them to monetise their anticipated traffic. The two co-founders have already visited the CAKE offices last week to discuss their proposal and ideas.

I will be interested to observe the students’ final pitch when they present their ideas to a panel on which I have been invited to sit. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of opportunity for CAKE to play a pivotal role with the success of their ideas.

It was inspiring to meet young people with a passion to start and build innovative businesses, especially those in the digital sphere. Having taken some of those discussions further, the enthusiasm with which they approach affiliate and lead generation opportunities leaves us in no doubt how bright the future is.