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CAKE Leadscon Preview: The Latest In Campaign Attribution

As little as two years ago, campaign attribution was in an entirely different place. Properly attributing conversions across multiple marketing channels was a huge, complex undertaking. Marketers had to spend a good deal of time in disparate systems, using complicated, labor-intensive methods to get what can only be described as an incomplete view of the customer journey.

But today, with the advancement of software tracking technology, we can now open marketer’s eyes to everything that is actually happening online and let them be more involved than ever in a customer’s journey to conversion.

Using tracking links and tags placed on landing pages, websites, entry forms, banner ads and more, today’s technology solutions focus on attribution as a whole, across the entire path to conversion. This gives marketers an increased understanding of how their customers interact with them across multiple channels so marketers know where to focus their time, money and resources, as well as where they may be overspending.

Marketers no longer have to imagine a world where they can see key data about customers, including exactly how those customers interact with marketing assets across multiple channels. The tools to do this are here today.

As part of the build-up to LeadsCon Las Vegas 2015, I had the pleasure of participating in a podcast interview with LeadsCouncil’s Michael Ferree and Veolcify’s Stuart Ganis. In this podcast, I address the latest trends in campaign attribution, including:

  • A focus on integration (because we know marketers are leveraging 10 to 15 marketing technologies like Marketo, Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Bringing all of these technologies and channels together in a single dashboard
  • Some of the ways we are making great headway in tracking offline traffic
  • Learning the behavior of consumers and how they interact with brands
  • How first- and last-touch attribution can be a little misleading

Listen to the podcast starting at about 18:20 to learn more.

If you are attending Leadscon Las Vegas this year, I will be participating on the “Analyzing Cross-Channel Attribution to Build a Better Campaign” panel on March 3rd from 4:30 – 5:30 pm. Please feel free to attend and see me after the panel, or anytime at the CAKE booth, #1107, so we can talk more about the benefits of campaign attribution. Learn more about CAKE at LeadsCon.