Simplify the Process of Tracking and Optimizing Your Clients' Campaigns

CAKE’s Intuitive SaaS-based platform provides accurate tracking, superior support and granular reporting; allowing agencies to optimize the performance of their client’s digital marketing spend in real-time.

View All Your Clients' Marketing Campaigns in One Place

Our platform captures and analyzes granular data to attribute every customer action, allowing agencies to pinpoint the digital channels that are the most valuable traffic sources for their clients. Bringing clarity to performance marketing campaigns, CAKE’s tracking platform empowers agencies and gives them the ability to show clients the ROI of every dollar spent.

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A Single System to Manage All Your Digital Marketing Channels


  • Granular Reporting allows you to customize reporting by user and share across your agency with custom calculations and views.
  • Roles-based Access Control increases security and client confidence by regulating access based on roles of users and user types.
  • Holistic Client View allows you to view your client’s digital spend in one consolidated dashboard.
  • Professional Services reduce efforts by having CAKE analyze data, manage workflows and integrate existing infrastructure for you.
  • Agency Model Billing reduces risk and enables organic growth with a flexible agency model that bills per client account.
  • Flexible Multi-Client Account Structure lets you work with multiple clients across multiple channels with a flexible structure.
  • Comprehensive Onboarding provides a full training course that covers everything to get the most of your investment.
  • Speed to Market/Quick Setup lets you get started quickly with a customized SaaS software made ready for immediate use.
  • Open API Support allows you to make changes through flexible automation tools and provides programmatic ingestion of data.


Over 500 companies, including some of the world’s most successful marketers, agencies and networks, use CAKE’s products to build their performance marketing strategy.

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