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Afiliados Brasil: Scenes From The Show Floor

Afiliados Brasil 2016 was hosted in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo May 19th-21st. Affiliate Networks, Advertisers and Tech Leaders from around the globe traveled to attend this growing event, including CAKE. Over the last few years the Latin American market has been maturing and CAKE is ready to support it’s growth.

The three-day event included talks from industry leaders such as Isabela Ventura, Director of Lomadee and CAKE’s very own client, Ramon Vailatti, CEO of C2 CPA Network. Many of the topics discussed during the event focused on the growing importance of mobile monetization in the LATAM market, but more importantly, the increasing advancement of Affiliate Tracking as a whole. Affiliate Networks in Latin America are certainly leading the charge in the advancement of tracking, but advertisers and affiliates in this space seem to be further behind. This puts the Networks in South America in a unique position. Most Affiliate Networks in Latin America will take on the role of a Hybrid Media Agency. The advertisers and affiliates in this market rely much more on their networks than anywhere else in the world. They rely on the Networks not only to manage their programs, but to also provide full digital solutions.

Ramon Vailatti, founder and CEO of C2 CPA Network (and CAKE client!) speaking on “How to Promote and Make Money with CPA Offers.”

With each emerging market comes different needs and these needs come at different times. Solution providers like CAKE have to let the market tell us when they are ready to advance. One consensus across the board at Afiliados Brasil was the idea that Networks are ready to begin implementing more advanced technologies. Not only are they ready, but they need to. With increasing traffic volumes, users converting on multiple devices and the exponential growth of mobile apps & web; more feature rich platforms like CAKE will provide the market with the ability to scale their operations and grow internationally.

One thing to note is that when referencing the Latin American Market, Brazil is a market in and of itself. While they lead the way in technology, issues with currency volatility and shifts in government have somewhat isolated the country from it’s continental neighbors. That being said, the Brazilian market is on it’s way to recovery and the perspective among event attendees was that by 2018 Brazil should be on the path to success again.

Along with exchanging insights with some of Brazil’s largest networks for the first time like Lomadee, Weach, and Afilio, CAKE is pleased to gain the perspective from some of our own clients in the market such as C2 CPA Network, GlobalWide, CelularDireto, and DGMAX Interactive.

The final takeaways from Afiliados Brasil 2016 are the following: Advertisers and Affiliates still have a bit of maturing to do, but they have very influential Networks guiding them who are now adopting more advanced technologies to develop the market. With International help, we will definitely see great things coming out of South America in the years to come.