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A Slice of CAKE

Today we introduce you to Thai, a member of CAKE’s IT Support team based out of the California office. Thai began his CAKE career September of 2014 and officially launched the internal CAKE IT Support division. During Thai’s interview he was sold on the company culture, innovative spirit and team atmosphere which led to his decision to join CAKE. The open office work environment was also a major selling point! Prior to joining CAKE, Thai was a student at ITT Tech and received an Associates Degree in Computer Networks and a Bachelors in Information Systems.  He is also currently in the process of receiving his Cisco cert.

A Sneak Peak Inside Thai’s Role at CAKE

My current role is IT Support for the US-based CAKE employees. I oversee everything from troubleshooting computers and email issues to setting up conference room electrical configurations and managing all of the electric devices in our office.  My motto tends to be “if it has electricity, I will be troubleshooting it at some point.”  The good news is I really enjoy learning how to problem solve in real-time and I’ve done a lot of troubleshooting throughout the years that my list of skills is quickly growing.

Thai’s Favorite Part About Working at CAKE

I love the culture! What is unique about CAKE is the level of engagement and collaboration across all departments. I am surrounded by so many creative individuals that it constantly inspires and excites me about the opportunity we have in the digital marketing space. I also really enjoy upgrading the internal systems that help streamline our employees work days and creates efficient and smooth operations. My most recent project included upgrading the wireless system in the Newport office.

His Favorite Activities Outside of CAKE

Family always comes first! We really enjoy watching movies together, especially on the weekends, it is a great way to relax.  I also recently purchased an annual beach pass, so now we can attend any beach and state park throughout California! In my own personal downtime, I do enjoy video games, fiddling with my tech gadgets and sharpening my skills!

Just For Fun, We Asked Thai “What is a quirky habit of yours?”

I am a bit of a perfectionist.  Things have to be perfect, and exactly how I like them. If something doesn’t seem right, I’ll spend the time it takes to make it right.

An Interesting Fact About Thai

I usually cut my own hair! I find that I am usually more satisfied with the results if I do it myself!