CAKE has developed a scalable, modular data infrastructure to allow on-the-fly customized real-time reports so you can effectively manage and optimize your business. Group, filter, sort, and export all reports with our simple and comprehensive navigation.

Additional usage reports are viewable with complete audit history that traces all user activity and events. We understand that accurate reports are absolutely vital to any business and have developed a system built around this philosophy.


In the fast paced world of performance marketing, you need fresh up to the second data. And that’s what we offer. All of our data is in real-time so you can make business decisions based on the most accurate data possible.


Our fully-indexed software brings new meaning to speed. Loading large reports is lightning-fast, so no more waiting around for you.

Manipulate Data

At CAKE, we deal with many customer types and can offer customized data views to suit their requirements. Sort columns of data from fewest to greatest or vice versa in all reporting grids so you can get to the most relevant layers for your business, fast.

Drill Down

No detail is too small for our software to dig out. Our flexible and innovative user interface allows users to click reports within reports to see the tiniest of details.

Breadcrumb Design

If you’re dealing with multiple data layers, it can be valuable to compare them. With CAKE, your reports provide tabs so that you can switch between them smoothly and quickly for easy comparison of multiple reports.

Robust API

CAKE’s database design provides for easy integration at the most detailed level. For a list of third party company integrations please contact us directly.


With CAKE, you'll experience a totally unique platform with innovative technology and intuitive features, designed and tested by smart affiliate marketers.

Our simple, searchable platform is packed full of clever widgets and tools that make affiliate marketing easier and more effective than it ever has been.


Our platform has been designed to meet the needs of all advertisers, so we offer a wide variety of campaign choices. We provide support for all pixel standards (image, JavaScript, and iframe) for dynamic pricing and up to date reporting at anytime.

Fraud Protection

Receive real-time alerts on the go of any suspicious campaign activity with our instant notifications that help protect against fraudulent activity. Customizable email alerts enable the most detailed monitoring of any event within your system.

Cookie-less Tracking

CAKE gives you unrivaled control over your campaign tracking. And with our proprietary session regeneration tracking methods, we can match conversions to clicks without using cookies.

Pixel Placement

When it comes to improving the effectiveness of your campaigns, it pays to test your campaigns, as efficiently as possible. That’s why we allow administrators and affiliates to place and test pixels on any campaign and email notifications that alert administrators when it’s happening.

Impression Tracking

CAKE enables customers to place impression cookies on display advertisements and track view through conversions. This means you can attribute conversions to the first cookie placed; impression or click. Determine which creatives are converting the best to continuously improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Tiered Pricing

CAKE loves keeping things simple for our customers. That’s why we offer flexible, tiered pricing. Change, edit or create multiple prices to individual affiliates or sub affiliates without having to generate new links or place new pixels. With CAKE, you can manage your campaigns at the most detailed level to identify and even offer rewards for good traffic sources.

Batch Tools

Affiliate marketing is a fast paced business. And it pays to keep up. With CAKE, you can load multiple creatives or edit multiple campaign details using our wizard-based tutorials for more speed and efficiency.

Click Maximizer

We hate to see budgets wasted. Which is why we’ve created innovative upsell and redirect strategies.


For an affiliate program to be successful, you need effective management. With CAKE  it’s easy. Our unrivalled tracking platform combines advanced technology and simplicity.

Providing users with great features that make managing campaigns simple, no matter how big or complex they are.

Contact Management

With CAKE’s fully searchable contact card for storing details on advertisers, publishers, lead buyers and other business professionals you work with, you can run your campaigns at maximum efficiency levels.

Record Notes

Each info card has an area to record notes about that specific entity. We’ve designed this feature so these notes can be easily shared among users so that everyone is on the same page.

Document Management

With CAKE’s info cards, you can upload, share and send documents internally or externally. Internally, you can host terms and conditions, insertion orders, W8 / W9, creatives or any other file type. Externally, you can upload invoices or other documents for your partners to view.

Role Access

We’ve enabled a range of access levels, so you have full control over who can access what. This makes it easier to protect your campaigns against unauthorized changes and helps you manage your functions and reports with confidence.

Email Newsletters

Through CAKE, you can send dynamic and personalized email templates using our automated filter wizard to send to specific groups or individuals. These filters assure that clients will receive relevant emails that they’ll want to engage with.


You won’t believe how simple our software is. Gathering, storing and reviewing valuable records has never been this easy. From historical and contact information on affiliates to mini-campaign reports that are perfect for quick overviews, our pop-up cards allow you to get the data you need in one click.

You can find the tiniest campaign details fast and with CAKE’s Guided Wizards, we’ll ensure you gain a complete step-by-step understanding of any task you want to accomplish.


Find everything from an email address to campaign conversion rates in no time at all. Our powerful global search tool will uncover any piece of information you seek in an instant, so you can focus on other important stuff.

Information Card

CAKE provides a fully searchable contact card for storing details on advertisers, publishers, lead buyers and other business professionals you work with. No more hunting around for tidbits of information, when they’re stored neatly in one location.

Mini Reports

Sometimes, you don’t need all of your campaign data. When a top level view suffices, our mini reports are ideal. Load them in an instant for a quick review to make fast decisions.

Dashboard Overview

With our real-time reports monitoring key traffic statistics, you can gain top-level insights quickly and easily. CAKE’s software has been designed and built with simplicity at the core.

Lead Distribution

Feature rich, flexible and secure, CAKE can capture, validate and distribute inquiries to advertisers with our integrated and comprehensive tools that use your existing websites to capture and distribute leads.

Predictive Analysis
Maximize Profits

It’s simple. With CAKE, you can guarantee a higher profit return. If you set up your buyer’s schedules, we can optimize the revenue potential for every lead by monitoring the optimal selling configuration. We factor in many variables to guarantee a higher profit return while maintaining accurate and accountable delivery status.

List Management
Additional Revenue

We’ve made it easier for advertisers to benefit from additional revenue streams. Our built-in list management capabilities deliver data to email list managers in real time, providing you additional revenue or monetization of your data.

One Step Set Up
Immediate Integration

In a competitive world, things need to happen now or never. With CAKE, you’re ahead in the race. Our superior technology can be integrated immediately with your existing or new website, allowing you to begin distributing leads immediately.

Predictive Analysis

Our predictive analysis capabilities increase your revenue with smart, concurrent routing of leads to the highest paying buyer. With real-time admin that enables support for both exclusive and semi-exclusive sales at the same time, our patent-pending design ensures all leads are solid and maximum revenue potential is recognized.


CAKE ensures high lead quality, and can help you steer clear of dodgy leads that could tarnish your campaign reports. We can help to prevent bogus leads from being distributed with real time validation of all fields. Add, edit and implement validation for all fields of data collected using both editable lists and integrated third-party applications like Targus.


Our scheduler updates automatically every day, so you only have to set up your buyer contracts once. This ensures that around the clock, your delivery times and caps are as accurate as they can be.


CAKE supports all standard lead delivery formats: email, HTTP, XML, SOAP, Host and Post, and Ping and Post. We’ve made our platform as flexible as possible.

Manage Returns
More Options

With CAKE you have more options, including returns that are allowed at the contract level. You can manually or automatically review returns before accepting or rejecting them. Accepted returns automatically credits the buyer to receive a free replacement lead or CAKE credit.

Quality Control
Improved Product

CAKE offers better protection against fraud, including our automated email fraud alerts to help you avoid bad leads. CAKE also offers the choice to utilize a review and scrub queue, manually edit, distribute, and validate leads that have been flagged by editable filters.

CAKE for Advertisers

  • CAKE Publisher Community Access
  • Universal Dashboard
  • Real-time Analytics
  • Customized Alerts
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Cookie-less Tracking
  • Mobile Reporting and Targeting
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CAKE for Networks

  • Real-time Reporting
  • Compliance Control
  • Fraud Prevention and Alerts
  • Role-based Access
  • Streamlined Workflow
  • Offer and Affiliate Caps
  • Lead Generation Engine
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