Multi-channel Tracking, Attribution and Optimization for Brands

Track digital marketing spend from first click to conversion and every step in-between to gain insight into the customer journey.

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Do you know your digital marketing return on ad spend?

Empower your organization with the intelligence needed to clarify and optimize digital marketing spend to increase online sales and lead-generation efforts.

  • Multi-channel Tracking

    Get the power and confidence to redirect marketing spend in real-time through deeper insight into the traffic driven by digital marketing channels, including search, display, email, social, mobile, video, affiliate, direct and shopping.

  • Multi-touch Attribution

    Support multiple attribution models including engagement, linear, time decay, customized as well as first and last touch.

  • Reporting and Data Visualization

    Identify top- and under-performing channels through data comparison and visualization, on a single dashboard. Customize reporting by user or segment, and share these views across your organization.

  • Integrations

    Track and manage the most common tasks and actions within a single interface. New integrations are introduced monthly.

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  • Lead Generation and Distribution

    Automated collection, validation and distribution of leads in real-time with
    industry-leading tools.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

    Understand every level of ecommerce campaign performance and collect actionable metrics on every order via product feed integration.

Additional Features

  • Event Tracking

    Go beyond single
    revenue-generating conversions and see what events are really driving conversions.

  • Mobile Tracking

    Track mobile and cookieless campaigns in parallel with all other channels in real-time through available SDK and helper files.

  • Impression Tracking

    Optimize impression tracking by simply adding a pixel to ad tags or take it to the next level with ad server integrations.

  • Real-time Reporting

    Export data to a CSV file, access data via API and schedule specific reports in

  • Custom Reporting Views

    Customize reporting by user and share these views across your organization. Create custom calculations on each report and share via Custom Reporting Views instead of just exporting your reports to Excel.

  • Audit Trail and History

    Track all changes made by account managers and system administrators to help identify who made changes and understand why changes were made.

  • Complete API Support

    Make changes through flexible internal automation tools and allow programmatic ingestion of data.

  • Account Control

    Customize user and department permissions as well as role-access controls for each individual accessing the platform.

  • Network Accountability

    Take immediate action on revenue-impacting fraud with pixel whitelisting and custom alerts that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

  • Voucher Code Support

    Upload and track unique coupons by source using advanced attribution options.

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